We welcome people from all belief systems (or none), provided their beliefs align with our Six Principles for Daily Life:

1. Gratitude; 2. Happiness; 3.Honesty; 4. Love; 5. Kindness; 6. Respect

We have compiled the following list of common questions & answers:

Q. How do I know if I am an Earth Spirit?
A. It is very easy to determine if you are an Earth Spirit. 
Earth Spirits genuinely care about others and they have a concern for the environment.  Earth spirits will also have a connection to nature and the outdoors.   Many Earth spirits will enjoy gardening or they will have indoor plants.  Many Earth Spirits may not necessarily consider themselves to be a “green thumb” in the garden, but they will enjoy the company of plants all the same.

An obvious sign of an Earth Spirit is an interest in natural health and wellbeing of mind, body & Spirit such as Yoga, Tai Chi or Meditation.

Q. I am already Religious.  Can I be an Earth Spirit as well?
A. Yes you can. 
To be an Earth Spirit does not require that you renounce your existing beliefs in order to study our teachings.or take part in our inspiring personal and Spiritual development teachings, meetings and events.

Q. What will Earth Spiritualism provide for me?
A. The teachings of Earth Spiritualism provide a personal and Spiritual development path to inner peace, happiness and wellbeing, without any extreme beliefs.  Our teachings are to be studied in no particular sequence, as or when you are drawn to.  There is no mandatory course of study, instead Earth Spirits use their own intuition to determine which of our workshops, courses and events to take part in, and also to determine for themselves how much study and participation in our events is necessary for them.

For some, Earth Spiritualism and our teachings can be a way of re-connecting to nature and to themselves, awakening a part of their Spirit which they have lost.  Our regular meetings and study groups are completely optional and provide a source of inspiration, encouragement and healing to all with an interest in Earth Spiritualism.

To be an Earth Spirit does not mean that you must attend any of our regular meetings and events around the world either.  Many Earth Spirits will practise the Earth Spirit way of life intuitively and independently without ever needing to attend our meetings and events.

Q. When can I attend your Meetings and Events?
A. Our meetings and events are conducted independently by our member organisations.

Q. Are you Atheist ?
A. No, we are not Atheist.   We have a different belief system and purpose

Q. Are you Humanist ?
A. No, we are not Humanists.    We have a different belief system and purpose.

Q. Are you Pagan ?
A. No we are not Pagan.  Although we do share a common respect for nature and the land, we have a  different belief system and purpose.

Q. Are you Spiritualists  ?
A. No, we are not Spiritualists.  Although we do share some common beliefs, and we don’t deny the existence of psychic mediumship, psychic mediumship is not part of our teachings, we have a different belief system and purpose to the Spiritualists.

Q. Do you worship a Deity or Deities?
A. Yes, our Deity is the Universal Consciousness, including nature, the Earth and all living things.

Q. Are you  Interfaith?
A. Interfaith is the name of a Religious organisation.  We consider ourselves to be multi-faith.

Q. What are Your Beliefs ?
A. Our Beliefs are based on kindness, see our Earth Spiritualism page for a more detailed overview of our beliefs.